About Me..

Hey Guys, I wanted to share a little about me and my family! I am currently 25 years old and married to my high school sweet heart Bobby. We have been married for almost 4 years but together for 10!  We have a son named Ryker who is 9 months old and a crazy doggy named Meeko who is 2.  I currently teach Kindergarten and I love it, although I do miss time with my Ryker.. I have 15 rambunctious students who often test my patience but they always give me so much love by the end of the day. My husband currently works as an ER Tech and recently got into Physician Assistant Graduate School in Louisville, Kentucky. I could not be more proud of him!


I have never left Simi Valley, California.. born and raised, and it is scary yet exciting that we get to go! We packed up everything and sold all our large furniture to make the move in a couple of months. We decided to wait to go until after Ryker’s 1st birthday in June. We are currently living with my in-laws until we go. Being the oldest siblings we are really the first to make this drastic of a move. Our friends and families are already planning their trips to come and see us. Lets be real though, they only want to visit Ryker anyways.. haha.. I am so excited to share our journey to Kentucky with you guys! 

xoxo- Hillary